ask me anything! :D   "I will become a sad protagonist in this world I will hurt in place of you, I’ll become your wings"

we all need someone to be our wings for a while..

20, fucked through the head, questionably male, questionably happy, unwantedly mature


I, the soul torn apart
You, the poetry the ripped it open

The universe taught us
to continue the chase,
no matter how strenuous
it might be. That the deaths
of all the previous versions
of ourselves would be put to waste,
if we cease to believe in the
silver lining.

And so we
pushed our limits
beyond the horizon.
You drank up
all of my spirit, leaving me with
not a single drop. But there’s not a thing
I regret about it. I’m grateful that you
were the one to consume my noxious
being. Even my flesh, I’d give, if you’d ask
for it.

It’s just that I realized
that for all this time,
the pain has always been mine
and the pleasure, yours. That
I’ve been bleeding like hell
just to provide you the ink you needed
even though you never even wrote
a poem for me.

Perhaps, this is when we should
stop running. This is when we should
stop the chase and ask ourselves
what we are after for.


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